Property Law

Property Lawyers and Conveyancing in Sydney

With over a decade of experience helping our clients buy, sell, and manage property interests in Sydney and nationwide, we have the expertise to service property law matters. We guide you through the process and work with you to achieve the best possible outcome for selling, buying your home or investment property, leasing retail or commercial property or any other property transaction.

Property Law

Buying, Selling, Leasing and other dealings with property

We will assist you with the broad spectrum of property matters, including:

Sale and Purchase of Properties

sale and purchase of residential properties (freestanding residences, strata units and apartment blocks), vacant land, commercial and retail properties, warehouses and industrial lots and rural properties

Off-the-plan Sale and Purchase of Properties

Off-the-plan sale of land, apartments or other property before construction of apartments or property on the land has been completed.

Off-the-plan purchase of apartments or other property that has not been built yet or is still under construction.  

The law places stricter obligations and disclosures on vendors, with which vendors have to comply, than under “usual” contract for sale.

There are uncertainties in buying a property off-the-plan as a property when contract is exchanged is not finished.  Accordingly, the purchaser must obtain professional legal advice before signing the contract.  

We can prepare or advise on off-the-plan contract and represent you from initial stages to completion of your sale or purchase.  

Options to sell and purchase property

If you want to purchase and develop a property, or to sell your property to a developer, you may consider an option. 

Call options give a potential purchaser (grantee) the right to compel a property owner (grantor) to sell the property to the grantee at an agreed price.  During the call option the grantor must not sell the property to anyone else.

Put and call options give each a potential purchaser and a property owner the right to compel the other to complete sale and purchase of the property.

In NSW strict legal requirements apply to option agreements for residential property.  An option can be void or rescinded if the requirements are not followed.  We can prepare an option agreement and guide you through the option process.

Commercial and retail leasing

Leases of office premises, shops, cafes and restaurants and other retail premises, factories, industrial premises and warehouses in Sydney and NSW, and other states.

We will prepare a lease agreement if you own a property and wish to lease it.  We will advise you on the lease agreement if you are a prospective tenant.  And we will guide you through the lease process to registration of the lease. 

We can also assist you with agreements within your lease transaction, including a disclosure statement, any agreement to (enter) lease, sublease, incentive, confidentiality or car parking licence agreements.   

If there is a disagreement during your lease we can assist you, including advising on any breach of the lease.  Finally, we can advise you on ending the lease, including by termination, to avoid a dispute whether the lease was correctly ended.

Residential tenancies

We will advise you on any legal aspect of your residential tenancy or if you have any issues with your tenant or your landlord.

Loans and Mortgages

If you need legal advice on your proposed loan and mortgage and other security documents, as a part of your property purchase or as a separate matter, we will advise you.  

If you are lending to or borrowing monies from your family members or business associates, we will document the loan and prepare and advise on mortgage or other appropriate security agreement. 

If as a parent of an adult child you wish to contribute monies towards your child purchasing a property, in particular if they are married or partnered, please talk to us so your gift or loan can be appropriately documented.

Other property law matters

We can provide assistance in other property law areas, including strata title, advising on by-laws, owners corporations legislative compliance, easements and covenants and other title encumbrances, land and environment issues, and property development.

Boyarkina Lawyers

Contracts and advice

Our work for you includes:

Preparing property contracts

Preparing contracts for sale and purchase of property, option agreements, co-ownership agreements, mortgage agreements.

Contract reviews and advice

Reviewing and advising you on property contracts, including contract for purchase of property, negotiating contractual terms, conducting necessary due diligence enquiries, managing process before contracts exchange and prior to property settlement, liaising with lending institutions, attending to legal issues arising before settlement, preparing for and attending to settlement of sale or purchase of property.

Leasing arrangements for landlords

Preparing lease agreements for landlords, including subleases, transfer and variation of leases, surrender of leases, and negotiating legal terms of lease agreements.

Leasing arrangements for tenants

Reviewing and advising tenants on lease and other related agreements and negotiating legal terms of such agreements.

Boyarkina Lawyers

Covering all property participants

We act for various sectors of the community, from individuals, small and medium private companies to property investors, developers, owners corporations, landlords and tenants.